Types of NGO:- Trust:- A trust is a type of Non Government Organization registered under Indian Trust Act 1882. It is easily formed within 15 days. Minimum members required in a Trust are three. Even family members can be involved in a Trust. The maximum number of members can be unto 21. The designations of Trustees are generally President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc. For a trust registration in Delhi, it is compulsory for the main founder of the organization to have an aadhar card with the electricity or water bill of the main office address. The area should be authorized and if the office is on rent, NOC from landlord is also required.

Society:- A society is registered under Indian Societies Act 1860. The basic requirements for its formation are same as that of Trust formation. The only difference is that family members cannot be in a Society. Minimum members required in a Society formation are Eight and all Eight should be from different states for a national level NGO.

Section 25 Company:- Section 25 Company is a Non – Profit conglomeration, enlisted under the Companies Act 1956. It might be shaped as a Public or Private Company having a restricted obligation, with or without allotment capital. It needs at least three trustees; there is no upper utmost to the amount of parts. The Board of chiefs is acknowledged as the board management.

Fcra is must for every ngo who need to have foreign funding. Every ngo whether trust or society becomes applicable for registration under fcra after 3 years. If the ngos is in the process of receiving any grant from foreign, then in that case, the ngo can apply for fcra prior permission. In such a scenario, the ngo must be 1 year old. For fcra prior permission, please mail at crystalvisionweb@gmail.com.